BuzzBee - The World's Smallest Quadcopter

Measuring only 30mm x 30mm x 20mm, BuzzBee is officially the world’s smallest drone.  BuzzBee is easy to fly, ultra durable and time-sappingly addictive to play with.    Flips &... Learn More

$40.00 USD

EasyBee - Smart Height Hold Control Drone

EasyBee is easiest drone in the RC Insane range to fly.  EasyBee is only 42mm x 42mm x 24mm, but has a host of features to make flying ultra-fun and... Learn More

$70.00 USD

Replacement Propeller Blades

In case something happens to your BuzzBee propeller blades, you can now replace them easily!Available in white these come in packs of 4 with the same 2 year warranty as... Learn More

$4.99 USD

SmartBee - Smartphone Controlled Wifi Nano Quadcopter

SmartBee is the next generation of nano drone technology.  Measuring only 45mm x 45mm x 25mm, SmartBee has a huge range of built-in features usually only found on larger, more... Learn More

$70.00 USD